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Prozessor:  Texas Instruments "DaVinci" DM814x

DIDO ist ein direkt einsetzbares CPU-Modul, das auf dem Hochleistungs-Applikationsprozessor DM8148 basiert. DIDO ist das erste Produkt der ULTRA Familie von DAVE Embedded Systems, die herausragende Lösungen und SOMs mit hoher Funktionalität umfassen. Für DIDO bedeutet dies einen Leistungsschub durch Verwendung von 2GB DDR3 SDRAM mit 533 Mhz und große Vielseitigkeit durch die integrierte PCI Express Schnittstelle. DIDO kann leicht in das System des Kunden integriert werden durch die kompakten Abmessungen, die preiswerten Steckverbinder und die Rückwärtskompatibilität zu den NAON CPU Modulen von DAVE Embedded Systems.

Wichtige Merkmale:

  • Spitzen CPU Modul basierend auf der Texas Instruments DM814x Prozessor Familie
  • ULTRA Produktfamilie - ARM Cortex-A8 Architektur @ 1 GHz
  • Bis zu 2 GB DDR3 @ 533 MHz SDRAM
  • HD Video Encoding/Decoding Fähigkeit (HDVCIP)
  • DSP Baustein (verfügbar mit DM8148)
  • NEON Multimedia Co-Prozessor und PowerVR® SGX Graphics Baustein
  • Kompakte Abmessungen
  • Viele Anschlußmöglichkeiten einschließlich PCIe, 2fach CAN, Ethernet, SATA und 3.3V I/O
  • Pinout kompatibel zu NAON Modulen
  • Evaluierungs Board mit umfangreichem Entwicklungs Kit verfügbar. 


Marketing Documentation

DIDO Leaflet

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Software Updates - LONG TERM SUPPORT

DAVE Embedded Systems is committed to provide updated software along the life cycles of its products. This is possible maintaining products aligned with Silicon Vendor releases. Additionally to this othe bug fixes are committed and published on GIT server. More information on how to have access to this are available HERE


Longevity program: Texas Instruments General Quality Guidelines

DAVE Embedded Systems is committed to support and maintain its products according to Texas Instruments General Quality Guidelines


"TI’s Product withdrawal/discontinuance process complies with JESD48, latest issue. TI makes an effort to not obsolete products out of convenience. Convenience means: low running device, poor yields, limited customer adoption or similar items. TI’s obsolescence withdrawal schedule provides a longer lead time than the industry standard. TI allows 12 months for the last order and an additional 6 months to take final delivery of obsolete items. In rare circumstances, an accelerated withdrawal schedule may be necessary. In such cases, TI will communicate the last buy and final delivery dates in the EOL notice, along with an explanation of the circumstances necessitating the early withdrawal".


Mean time between failures (MTBF)

Mean time between failures (MTBF) Prediction



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SOM HW and SW version total control



View DAVE Embedded Systems certifications for ISO 13485, ISO 9001, REACH regulation, RoHS regulation, and more here.



Available evaluation boards:

DIDO Evaluation Kit

DIDO Evaluation Kit is a carrier board designed to host DIDO SOM. The Software Development Kit is unique for DIDO / NAON and MAYA SoMs. It is a development/test system designed to start working with the DIDO / NAON and MAYA platforms and experimenting with the implemented features.



Price and availability

The Evaluation Kit is available on Mouser and Digikey

You can also get some samples of DIDO SoM on Mouser


Kit Contents

NAON Embedded Linux Kit is composed by the following content:


  • NAON Evaluation Board

  • DIDO CPU module (part number: DOFx)

  • Serial cable adapter for connect to system console +
  • PINSTRIP 5 x 2 x 2,54 mm to DB9 connector

  • U-Boot bootloader (source code and binaries)

  • Linux operating system (source code and binaries)

  • Full documentation (Manuals, User's Guides, Application Notes, Carrier boards schematics, Mechanical Drawings...) included in the uSD card
  • complimentary access to DAVE Embedded Systems' DIDO RESERVED AREA

  • Periodic updates (documentation revisions, new Application Notes, new Design notes)


DIDO Evaluation Kit - DELK Description & Version

Please visit DAVE Embedded Systems Developer's Wiki for further information.


Technical Support



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