SBC DIVA based on Texas Instruments AM335x

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SBC DIVA based on Texas Instruments AM335x

Prozessor: Texas Instruments AM335x

All-in-one Embedded Single Board Computer

Single Board Computer sind eine Erfolgsgeschichte. DAVE Embedded Systems hat mit seinen Möglichkeiten eine Komplettlösung für die Kunden geschaffen haben, die sich auf ihren eigenen  Mehrwert fokusieren wollen, ohne groß in Technologien wie Embedded Linux oder Hardwaredesign zu investieren.

Die hier vorgestellte SBC Plattform bietet eine kompakte Lösung für jede Industrie und kann dank IEC-61131 Software-Umgebung und/oder anderen Plug-ins wie QT oder Gstreamer Videolösungen leicht mit industiellen Steuerungen verbunden werden.

DAVE Embedded Systems Single Board Computers sind die perfekte schlüsselfertige und kompakte Lösung mit ARM.

Die Hardware von DAVE Embedded Systems wird mit Softwarelösungen (SoftSPS, QT, RTOS) vervollständigt, die es erlauben, die gesamten Systemkosten zu reduzieren. Dies macht SBCs ideal für den Einsatz in einer Vielzahl von preissensitiven und robusten Industrieanwendungen..


  • CPU: basierend auf Texas Instruments "Sitara" AM335x Cortex-A8
  • USB Host und Device
  • SERIELL: RS232/422/485
  • ETHERNET: 1x10/100Mbps und 1xGb
  • CAN: zweifaches CAN Interface
  • DISPLAY: 24bit RGB/LVDS Interface / WIDE TM Interface
  • TOUCH: Resistiv und Kapazitiv
  • VERBINDUNGEN: Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
  • ABMESSUNGEN: 85x156mm - Standard DIN  
  • Entwickelt für die Industrie: HMI, Controller, Bridge, Datenlogger


  • Betriebssysteme: Linux, Android
  • Software Plattformen: QT, Yocto, Ubuntu
  • Industrieapplikationen: AXEL Software (LOGIC LAB IEC-61131 SPS Laufzeit)


Marketing Documentation

SBC DIVA Faltblatt

SBC DIVA Block Diagramm

SOMs' Comparison Table


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Wireless modules


Other Technical Information

DAVE Embedded Systems Developer's Wiki - SBC DIVA wiki Main Page


Software Documentation



U-boot releases

SBC DIVA Booting options

How to modify Linux parameters in U-Boot

Linux releases

How to boot Linux on DAVE Embedded Systems' SOMs

Yocto releases

DAVE Embedded Systems' Linux Kit

Embedded Linux Kit Quick Start Guide

Splash screen on SBC DIVA

Yocto RFS



Introduction to Android on DAVE Embedded Systems' SOMs



Integration of QT5.6 on SBC DIva: a demonstration is presented including splashscreen and standalone startup

Tutorial about QT demo on SBC Diva

Other Technical Information

DAVE Embedded Systems Wiki für Entwickler - SBC DIVA wiki Main Page



Software Updates - LONG TERM SUPPORT:

DAVE Embedded Systems is committed to provide updated software along the life cycles of its products. This is possible maintaining products aligned with Silicon Vendor releases. Additionally to this the bug fixes are committed and published on GIT server. More information on how to have access to this are available HERE


Longevity program: Texas Instruments General Quality Guidelines

DAVE Embedded Systems is committed to support and maintain its products according to Texas Instruments General Quality Guidelines


"TI’s Product withdrawal/discontinuance process complies with JESD48, latest issue. TI makes an effort to not obsolete products out of convenience. Convenience means: low running device, poor yields, limited customer adoption or similar items. TI’s obsolescence withdrawal schedule provides a longer lead time than the industry standard. TI allows 12 months for the last order and an additional 6 months to take final delivery of obsolete items. In rare circumstances, an accelerated withdrawal schedule may be necessary. In such cases, TI will communicate the last buy and final delivery dates in the EOL notice, along with an explanation of the circumstances necessitating the early withdrawal".



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SOM HW and SW version total control



View DAVE Embedded Systems certifications for ISO 13485, ISO 9001, REACH regulation, RoHS regulation, and more here.



Kit Contents

SBC DIVA Kit is composed of the following content:


  • Embedded Single Board Computer SBC DIVA with DIVA System On Module



  • Universal Power Supply unit +12V with EU, UK, US adapters and Phoenix connector adapter

  • Serial cable adapter for connect to system console +
  • PINSTRIP 5 x 2 x 2,54 mm to DB9 connector

  • Wi-Fi module (OPTIONAL)

  • SD card with:
  1. documentation
  2. SW contents
  3. Developers VM


Technical Support


Price and availability

For further information about the Kit and the usage, please contact

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