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DAVE Embedded Systems is a dynamic company offering a stimulating and rewarding work environment with considerable growth potential.
We actively seek qualified applicants as potential additions to our team. Join us in providing our innovative solutions to the embedded development community.

Open positions


Software Engineer

DAVE Embedded Systems opera nel settore dei sistemi embedded dal 1998. Per ampliare il proprio reparto di R&D, ricerca uno sviluppatore software da impiegare nei propri progetti basati prevalentemente sui s.o. Linux e Android.
La figura ricercata verrà inserita nel team di sviluppo e si occuperà principalmente dell'adattamento e la personalizzazione di:
• U-Boot bootloader
• Linux kernel (compresa la modifica di device drivers)
• Android Open Source Project (AOSP).
Data la natura delle mansioni indicate, si assume familiarità con i linguaggi C e Java e con la shell Linux. Non indispensabile ma apprezzata anche la capacità di sviluppare software a livello applicativo.

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Our labs host students and interns working on stages and experimental thesis during the whole year. The topics dealt with can be split in two macro-areas: Embedded Electronic - related to the core business of the company - and Management Information System, which is part of the company IT infrastructure.

Thesis/internship proposals


Implementation of a real-time Android system for industrial applications dave-thesis-rt-android-zynq.pdf


Our proposals for students/interns/graduating students

In this page we'll present specific proposals and some examples of past thesis. We would like to emphasize that, due to the characteristics of our business, the range of interesting topics (technologies, scientific , applications) is huge, and it's not possible to prepare formal proposals for each. For this reason, if you are evaluating the possibility of carrying out an internship or a thesis with us, but you can't find a proposal that perfectly matches your interests, we suggest you to contact us through the email address you'll find below. Thus, we'll be able to evaluate the possibility of finding a topic that is interesting for both of us.

Please note that our proposals can be accessed by both junior and senior graduating students. The topic will be adjusted to fit the knowledge and skills acquired by the students. Each topic, on student suggestion, can be adapted to get closer to the research area of the student's supervisor. The proposals will be evaluated to check their compatibility with the targets of the company. We suggest interested students contact the company, to go deeper into the matter and get the whole picture.

Finally, we report that experimental thesis are an effective instrument for recruitment of new employees. This is confirmed by the fact that, when writing this document (February 2013), 60% of the people of the R&D department of DAVE Embedded Systems have been employed immediately after they completed their thesis in our labs.

Embedded Elettronic Area

Examples of thesis done in the past:

Design of a highly-configurable embedded module built upon an FPGA architecture with integrated PowerPC processor

Implementation of an embedded system with hardware 2D-graphic accelereation on FPGA

Application of IEC 61508 regulations for functional safety in a programmable system for motor control


Please find below some of the many topics related to this area:

  • microprocessor systems
  • programmable logics (FPGA)
  • DSP
  • operating systems (Linux, Android, etc.)
  • real-time operating systems(RTOS)
  • image processing
  • video encoding
  • pattern recognition
  • switching amplifiers
  • motion control
  • functional security and high reliability
  • electronic design and signal integrity
  • electromagnetic compatibility


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